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The MOMS Club of Smyrna-West, GA is for those mothers with Smyrna addresses in zip codes 30080 & 30082 and covers the following elementary school zones: Argyle, Belmont Hills, Green Acres, King Springs, Nickajack, Norton Park, Smyrna and Teasley. If you live outside this area, the International MOMS Club would love to help you locate or start a chapter in your area.  You can e-mail them at for more information.


We are an active club offering a wide variety of activities each month, including the following:

Monthly Meetings - Each month the club gets together to review club business and upcoming activities. We have an outside speaker at most meetings as well. Recent topics have included a swim school on water safety, a panel on local elementary schools and a local music class option for young children. 

Playgroups - These groups meet weekly and are held at members' homes or at local parks on a rotating schedule. This is a great chance to get to know other moms and kids. 

Community Service Projects - We have numerous projects each year, such as visits to an assisted living center and donation drives benefiting area charities and schools.

Outings to Local Attractions - Each month we have one or two visits arranged to local attractions, such as the zoo, puppet shows, the fire station, or an indoor play area. This is a good way to enjoy some of the great things our city has to offer for children without having to go alone or on the weekend. (And, you might even benefit from a group discount!)

MOMS Night Out/In - Each month, we plan one event for moms to get together, which might be dinner out, game night, movie night, etc.

Helping Hands - This is a program we offer to moms who need a little extra assistance after the birth of a baby, an illness, or a personal loss. We provide meals, run errands, babysit - whatever we can do to help.

Festivals - We hold festivals and events each year for the whole family. These events often have a seasonal theme and are a lot of fun for everyone.

Park Days - Each month we visit multiple area parks for outdoor play days. This is a great way to find out about our local park resources, too.

Monthly Newsletter - We publish a newsletter each month containing a calendar of the month's activities, community service updates, happenings around town, club business, and various other bits of news. The newsletter is sent electronically to all members.

Leadership - We have many opportunities for you to get involved in the leadership of our club. We are a volunteer organization and can use all types of skills to make all of these activities possible. This is a terrific way to keep some of your own skills fresh.

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